About me

I have more than 30 years of experience across the book industry, from retail to publishing houses, and from editor to project leader with more than 15 other authors. Moreover, I have written and had 23 of my own books published with combined sales of more than 50,000 copies. So you can be sure I have overcome the doubts and challenges you face.

Problem: Finding a publisher

Several years ago, I walked around Frankfurt book fair, looking for a publisher for my project “Babies need music.” It was classic cold calling: Searching for a publisher with a good fit, asking for an editor and not giving up. You can’t imagine how many people run around a book fair saying, “I would like to offer you my manuscript.” That was me. And that’s where I found an editor who liked my project! Some days later, I sent in my concept and a writing sample. And then I waited.

Problem: Can I write a whole book?

You can imagine how happy I was when I got a ‘yes.’ The publisher wanted to make the book with me. I got a contract and a deadline for the manuscript. And then: Writing, writing, writing. After some days I panicked. I knew I had to write 160 pages, but how should I divide and structure and structure everything? Of course I had an outline, but in the writing process it looked like a mammoth task. I decided to make a writing plan, revising the structure now and then as I went. Around me the world turned as fast as ever – family, housework and music, garden, teaching. Somehow I had imagined my life as an author quite differently.

Nevertheless, I finished a month before my deadline. I went through all it again, and finally I sent in the manuscript. But the work was far from over. After a few weeks, the editor sent back the manuscript with a lot of corrections and asked me to shorten here, lengthen there, make changes and add new subtitles. That happened twice! The cover had to be designed as well and then I could write: “Imprimatur.” In the publisher’s catalog, I could already see what my book would look like. About two months later, I unboxed my new books. That was eight years ago!

What has arisen since

Today I am author of several parenting books – more than 20,000 copies sold – and many early reader and children’s books. For the past few years, I’ve work as a scout for a large German publisher. And of course I coach new authors like you on how to realize their dreams.

I want to help you soon experience the same overwhelming happiness of holding your first book in your hands, opening the cover and flipping through it.

Yours, Ulla

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