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Your idea, your book


Hi, I’m Ulla and I’ll help you finally get your book idea into print. As the author of 23 books with more than 50,000 copies sold, coupled with my experience as an editor and talent scout for publishers, I can now help you realize the dream of writing your own book. Trust me, the moment when you hold your own book in your hands is magical.

Idee Gut

You have a burning idea

You tell your friends and your family that one day you will write that book. Maybe because:

  • You believe you can help people live happier, more successful, healthier or richer lives.
  • You experienced extraordinary things and want to inspire others.
  • You feel the story of your life shouldn’t be forgotten.
  • You have gained worthy insights you want to share with others.

The Package for Beginners for Your Manuscript

To begin, to structure, to stick to it – coaching for authors

Finally you want to make your dream come true! I will guide you through the process. With my starter-package, you will soon hold your own book in your hands. My experience proves: Those who start with a plan, won’t need a lot of time and will enjoy the process – from idea to book!

Why should we work together?

I’ve scouted book fairs for winning manuscripts. I’ve worked at retail bookshops and represented myself and other authors with publishing houses. As an editor, I’ve managed more than 15 book projects into publication, and corrected non-fiction and children’s books. I’m also the author of 23 children’s and non-fiction books. With my experience and contacts, supporting your delight in writing, we will turn your dream into reality!

Package für dein Manuskript

The Getting-Published-Package

Finding an editor or an agent, convincing editors or selfpublishing

Verlag finden für Autoren

You’ve already written a draft or even a whole manuscript? Wonderful! But how can you get published? How can you find a publishing house that suits you? Every editor receives thousands of manuscripts a year. How can you make sure your gem doesn’t get lost in that pile? Which features are important for editors? What do they need from you? How can you become a brand and a renown expert? And what about selfpublishing?



Ulla Nedebock is a successful author herself and therefore knows exactly what it takes to write a book and which walls to climb. She has a sharp eye for detail and always keeps an eye on the big picture. She always gives very practical advice and has a good nose for the nuance between the lines. She knows what it takes to make a text a really good text. I would love to write another book with her by my side.
They just delivered my book! I’m so happy to hold it in my hands for the first time. It looks gorgeous. Thank you so much for your help, encouragement and professional support. I really enjoyed working with you.
I booked the Package for Beginners and I am more than happy about the progress that I experience in the coaching with Ulla. My big dream to share my knowledge and my work experience by publishing a book is nearer than ever. Ulla is helping me to structure the material and make a realistic plan that I can follow step by step. And she’s so nice😉 Thank you so much for your support, Ulla!

Start writing your book today!

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